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Seven Graces of God is a powerful story of faith about a man, who on his death bed, fears God's judgement, because his faith was without works. He strikes a bargain with the Angel sent to take him to heaven.  God grants the man one more week and gives him seven graces to perform works that will prove him worthy of entrance to heaven.



GREG LYON, a CPA by trade, started his career in film in 2009, writing a wide variety of scripts in all genres. In 2011, Greg wrote a short drama SUX2BME, starring Lisa Robin Kelly from That 70’s Show. The film was an official selection into the California Independent Film Festival and RXSM Film Festival.


Greg is perhaps best know for Pas a Vendre, a French Foreign short film starring Elsa Mollien (Crossing Lines), that was an official selection and winner of the Best Foreign Short Film in the Burbank International Film Festival. The film was also a selected into Cinequest International Film Festival, Paris International Film Festival, and Reno Tahoe International Film Festival. 

Gibby was his first venture of series of scripts to become a full-length feature film, which starred Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie), Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock Saints), Vivica A. Fox (Independence Day), and Peyton Meyer from Disney’s Girl Meet’s World.

Greg has also been a film festival judge helping to select films for the festival.

Below are some of his films he Greg written:



A live action family film starring Crystal the monkey, Shannon Elizabeth, Sean Patrick Flanery, Vivica A. Fox, Peyton Meyer, and Shelby Lyon

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